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Semaglutide (GLP1)

Semaglutide (GLP1)

Reshape Your Confidence

Semaglutide is the generic form of Ozempic and Wegovy – two very popular medications used for the management of type 2 diabetes and weight loss, respectively.

Semaglutide helps with weight loss in several ways. Most noticeably, once-weekly injections significantly curb appetite and cravings by signaling to the brain that you are full and satisfied so you eat less and have greater willpower to refuse temptations.

Within your body, semaglutide stabilizes blood sugar levels by slowing the rate at which food leaves the stomach and moves through your digestive tract. On a cellular level, semaglutide stimulates the release of insulin in a glucose-dependent manner so that sugar does not linger in the bloodstream and become stored as fat.

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Semaglutide (GLP1)

Treatment Overview

The drug is well-tolerated, well-studied, and has been on the market now for just over five years.

Side effects are mild and seldom result in a patient opting to stop treatment. The most common side effects are feelings of fullness, nausea, diarrhea, and constipation. Side effects typically dissipate within the first 2-3 weeks of treatment, but may temporarily return when the dose is increased.

The average patient loses 10-15% of their body weight on semaglutide therapy. The rate of weight loss varies from patient to patient, but is exponentially faster in patients that incorporate the addition of diet and exercise modifications.