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InterveneMD is an interventional pain management practice.

At InterveneMD we specialize in the management of acute and chronic pain. We offer our patients the most current treatments available. Our primary goals are to:

  • provide high-quality, appropriate pain management for our clients,
  • meet the needs of our referring physicians and healthcare providers,
  • reduce pain management burdens on an already strained healthcare system by reducing pain-related emergency room visits and hospitalizations, and
  • improve the overall health of the community by effective pain management.

We specialize in the use of minimally invasive fluoroscopic procedures to diagnose and treat persistent pain.

With only months to intervene before spinal surgery success rates decrease, it’s critical patients are quickly receiving the right course of action. We typically coordinate non-invasive treatments with minimally invasive interventions such as physical therapy and psychological support.

Our goal is to find more effective and less drastic alternatives than prescribing long-term controlled substances.

At InterveneMD, we understand how difficult it is for patients with chronic pain, so we take the time to explain your pain and treatment options to you. You, as an educated patient are much more likely to take an active role in your own treatment.

Only physicians with the highest qualifications are associated with InterveneMD. Our physicians are board-certified in Anesthesiology, and have completed a one-year fellowship in pain management and hold sub-specialty certifications in Pain Medicine.

Two Lowcountry Locations

We offer the most advanced and most affordable care for people with spine pain, knee,  or back pain. With two locations, we have appointments available to meet your needs whether you are in Mount Pleasant or North Charleston.

Advanced & Affordable Care

We are committed to educating you on the latest treatments such as regenerative medicine and PRP (platelet rich plasma) and new techniques to provide pain relief.