Exercise is supposed to leave us feeling renewed, refreshed, and replenished. We picture jumping off our bikes, full of endorphins and ready and raring for the next challenge. 

Unfortunately, exercising with poor form, over-exercising, or failing to take in enough oxygen during your workout can result in injury and exhaustion, which in turn impedes your ability to exercise regularly. 

In fact, having low blood oxygen levels due to overexertion can even affect cognitive performance

The good news? 

There’s a secret weapon that can help athletes, amateurs, and people with lung and heart conditions to enjoy better performance and a reduced risk of injury. 

E.W.O.T. (Exercise With Oxygen Training), also known as multi-step oxygen therapy, is a method of training intended to increase oxygen absorption by providing the user with a constant flow of oxygen during a workout. 

According to studies, oxygen therapy can improve users’ ability to exercise, prevent them from experiencing an oxygen shortage during the workout, and reduce exercise-related breathing difficulties. 

The method is straightforward and easy to implement – even for beginners. Users wear a mask with two sections of oxygen – one of which has low oxygen, with the other having a higher concentration of oxygen than you can find at sea level – to support their oxygen intake during workouts. 

If done correctly, E.W.O.T. can produce the desired effects in as little as 15 minutes when done twice a week. 

The Benefits of Oxygen Therapy

Athletes are always on the lookout for ways to improve not just their performance during a workout but also their general health. E.W.O.T. does just that. 

Oxygen training promises participants several health benefits, including decreased inflammation, lower blood pressure, boosted immunity, better energy levels, and improved exercise tolerance. 

If you’ve ever felt frustrated at being unable to improve on your personal best running time because you’re out of breath, or you’ve felt that a lung condition made exercise impossible, oxygen training could make your workouts more enjoyable and easier, thanks to an improvement in exercise tolerance stamina. 

Other benefits of E.W.O.T. include increased metabolism, anti-aging effects, and alkalinity. 

This form of exercise therapy can even benefit patients with cancer, brain injury, respiratory illness, and heart disease, who can find themselves unable to even take out the trash without experiencing breathlessness. 

Using E.W.O.T., these patients can enjoy the advantages of regular exercise without unnecessary stress on the heart or lungs, helping to give them their independence back. 

After working out with the help of E.W.O.T., most patients report finding themself invigorated, renewed, and clear-headed. 

The Secret to a More Effective Workout Regime

Whether you’re an athlete looking to hit performance goals or struggling with a lung condition that makes aerobic exercise challenging, you’ll benefit from E.W.O.T.

Oxygen training can be used therapeutically during multiple sessions over a short period of time for an acute approach or employed periodically over a long period of time to treat chronic injury or illness. 

Either way, patients can expect to see an improvement not just in performance during workouts but in post-workout recovery.