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The reality is while many of us crave the advantages that come with regular exercise, we lack the time or equipment to work out as extensively as we should. 

In fact, you’ve probably wished you could enjoy the benefits of a traditional workout, such as increased cardiovascular fitness, without the time, effort, or muscle damage often associated with high-intensity exercise.

With the Vasper System, this dream has been made a reality. 

Over two years ago, Dr. Todd Joye from Intervene MD purchased the first of his two Vasper machines, which help to train patients more efficiently, increase healing times, and allow patients to exercise safely and without pain.

This ground-breaking system also helps patients respond better to regenerative treatments. 
There are currently only four of these revolutionary machines available in South Carolina, and Dr. Joye’s patients and family have benefited significantly from including this machine in their health routines.  

What is the Vasper System?

Vasper stands for vascular performance, and NASA partly developed the Vasper System for astronauts to use on the space station to ensure they continued to feel the benefits of exercise even without having access to a gym. 

The good news is you don’t have to be an astronaut to benefit from this revolutionary exercise system. 
It’s challenging enough to be used by professional sports teams such as the Texas Rangers and Miami Dolphins while being forgiving enough to benefit patients with shoulder, hip, and knee surgeries.
It’s suitable for patients with osteoporosis, heart valve problems, multiple sclerosis, and even concussion.

The benefits of using the Vasper System include increased muscle mass, diminished joint pain, enhanced energy and stamina, reduced stress, and even better sleep. 

How Does the Vasper System Work?

The system combines three things – interval training, compression technology, and cooling. When used in combination, they create the effect of a high-intensity anaerobic workout without the wear and tear commonly associated with high-energy exercise. 

Compression technology allows lactic acid to accumulate in your muscles, sending a signal to your brain requesting that it releases HRH and testosterone, which accelerates repair and recovery. 

The cooling part of the machine makes your workout more efficient by delivering more oxygen to your muscles, reducing perceived exertion, and allowing you to work harder without feeling exhausted. 
The low-impact NuStep machine accommodates almost all physical limitations, making it a super accessible way of working out. It also reduces fatigue, leaving you feeling refreshed, not exhausted, after your workout. 

The customizable software allows users to customize interval training to any physical ability level, so if you’re more of an amateur than an athlete, you can still benefit from the Vasper System. 
The best part? You don’t have to sweat it out in the gym for two hours. 

The machine works in just 21 minutes so that you can save the time and effort associated with traditional workouts, but for the same result. It’s even covered by most insurance providers!

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