While no silver bullet can guarantee you a healthy body and mind, there are certainly ways you can improve your health without breaking the bank or consuming all your free time. 

Here at Intervene MD, we’ve begun to use a ground-breaking treatment method for our patients, treating health issues such as headaches, dehydration, and asthma, boosting immune systems, and providing our patients with much-needed energy.

Our IV wellness infusions have become a popular way to improve general health, treat chronic illness, or simply give patients a boost when they’re feeling run down.

Let’s dive into what our wellness IV infusions involve and how they benefit patient health. 

What are IV Wellness Infusions?

IV wellness infusions contain a balanced blend of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that are provided intravenously to reach target cells faster. This method of vitamin intake allows you to feel the effects more quickly than if you took the same vitamins in oral supplement form. 

Most infusions take around 45 minutes, and the benefits vary from person to person. 

There’s no one situation where wellness infusions are needed – their benefits apply to all kinds of patients and circumstances. 

Those overcoming jet lag, struggling with chronic illnesses, or in recovery mode are prime candidates for this type of treatment, as are people who struggle to get adequate nutrition from their food. 

Here at Intervene MD, the team likes to use IV infusions when they’re feeling a little under the weather and experiencing headaches and other uncomfortable symptoms. 

How Often are IV Wellness Infusions Needed?

The frequency of treatment varies from person to person. In general, you can expect your nutrient levels to remain elevated for 1-3 weeks after each treatment, and you’ll feel the benefit of your infusion treatment during this period.

Many patients with chronic health conditions prefer to schedule weekly sessions, while others prefer to seek treatment only when they feel fatigued or need a health boost. 

The frequency with which you undergo treatment depends on your personal preference and needs. After your first session, see how long the treatment has a positive effect for, and use this to determine how frequently you might want treatment. 

IV Infusions as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

While IV infusions are an effective wellness treatment, they’re best utilized in conjunction with other strategies and treatments, such as a healthy diet, sufficient sleep, and plenty of physical movement. 

Many patients are experimenting with intermittent fasting, which yields benefits such as weight loss and even helps you live longer.  

Peptide therapy is another popular wellness treatment, boasting benefits such as lower blood pressure and improved immune function. 

By combining healthy habits with our IV infusions, patients can enjoy a greater sense of general well-being and reduced symptoms such as headaches and fatigue.

Whether you’re struggling to recover from a marathon, feeling fatigued from a busy period at work, or dealing with the symptoms of a chronic illness, our IV infusions can help put the pep back into your step. 

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